first, thanks for your support.

German postal services are full operational. At this time, it should be no problem to ship your order in time within Europe. Okay, it might take a little longer as you are used to it.

But import restrictions for some countries are now taking effect. There are a number of regions, especially overseas like US, Canada & Australia, where we cannot send orders right now. These restrictions does not even allow us to print shipping labels for certain destinations.

The situation changes on a daily basis. Therefore we feel it is not right to exclude countries and update this with every change. It is simply not possible to maintain this list. So it may happen, that you place an order and we´ll be not allowed to ship your order to your shores right now (or in time until the release of “Live prey” at the 30th June, if you placed an pre-order for example).

Two options are always open: you may either wait until restrictions losen up or cancel your order at any time. More informations about the shipping status or import restrictions will sent to you as quickly as possible after your order is completed.

We would like to express our gratefulness to everyone still ordering beautiful records and merchandise from our shop in these times. Stay safe and healthy.